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Unlock your inspiration with the FOBE It-Box

In our FOBE It-Box subscription, you’ll always have an It-Bag for six months. Your first It-Bag from our highlight selection gives you the chance to pick a standout piece that truly reflects your personal style. Your second bag will be selected from our carefully curated, smaller collection, which showcases the latest trends and classic styles that are perfect for any occasion. And to add a little extra excitement to your subscription, your third It-Bag will be a complete surprise!

Not only will you receive a gorgeous It-Bag every two months over the course of half a year, but you'll also have the added thrill of discovering the order in which your bags will arrive. With each delivery, you'll be surprised and delighted as you unbox your newest addition to your wardrobe.

The FOBE It-Box subscription is perfect for fashion lovers who crave inspiration and enjoy trying new styles.

Love your favorite FOBE bag - our subscriptions are transparent, fair and without hidden fashion faux pas.

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How it works

Subscription Details

The subscription has a six months commitment. The cancellation period is one month before the end of the subscription. If you do not cancel, your subscription will be automatically extended for another six months.


The exchange takes place every two months at the end of the month. You will be informed about the exact return date by e-mail in the middle of the month and you will receive a return label. The new bag will be shipped the moment your return can be tracked.

Shipping and Insurance

Shipping and returns are included in your subscription. Bag insurance is covered by FOBE CARE. You can find more information about this in our FAQs.


Keep the shipping box in which you received your bag. You can then easily use the box to return the bag and save valuable resources.

Get your
FOBE It-box

It Box

For all those who like to be inspired!

  • Select 2 bags, 1 additional is a surprise bag
  • You get 1 bag at a time and swap it every 2 months
  • Order of the bags received is a surprise
  • Subscribe today and get your first bag at the beginning of July



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