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At FOBE, our mission is to build a sustainable fashion community that wears fashion consciously and with appreciation. We want to change the way fashion is worn and show that you can be on-trend and sustainable, without restricting diversity and variety.

As part of the FOBE community, you’ll always be at the forefront of the latest trends. Plus, you're making a statement for the environment. Our virtual closet is filled to the brim with a wide selection of the latest It-Bags and highly sought classics, curated by our trend scouts.

With FOBE you can be on-trend and sustainable!

Join FOBE - the Circular Fashion Community!

Our community loves fashion, respects the environment, and is conscious of one’s consumer behavior.

Sounds paradoxical at first, but it's not. With your FOBE membership, you are part of our Circular and Sharing Community and always have access to the hottest luxury handbags. Simultaneously, you preserve the environment, resources, and your fashion fund.

Sustainability can be this luxurious!

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