With the hepster handbag insurance your FOBE handbag is protected in everyday life - if it gets damaged, we will cover the repair costs.

Please note, that you will have to pay a deductible of 10% of the bag retail price.

Important: You must let us know immediately of any damage and provide all necessary information about it. More details can be found in our terms and conditions.

Our Fobe Care Rules powered by Hepster

If your bag rented from Fobe:
  • is damaged by falls, liquids or similar, so that it can no longer be used properly,
  • is damaged by violence, fire, vandalism or mishandling,
  • is damaged in a hotel, by a porter or in a luggage storage facility,
we will cover the costs less the deductible.

Fobe presents all customers a waterproof cosmetics bag at the beginning of their subscription. This is to protect against damage caused by cosmetic products. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge for any damage caused by cosmetic products.

Please note:You must report any damage within 48 hours by emailing
If you wait longer, we will have to charge you the full cost.

What is not covered by Fobe Care?
  • Damage caused to the inside of the bag by cosmetic products (makeup, creams and oils) or pens.
  • Damage caused by "force majeure" including war, civil unrest, pandemics or terrorist attacks (especially if there is a travel warning for the area).
  • Damage caused by fraudulent or intentional acts.
  • Damage that is not reported before the bag is returned to us.
  • The loss of your bag.


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